The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Join the best HeadHunters and recruiters in the world

The first recruitment platform, driven by the community of recruitment experts.

Create your personal brand!


You will be able to post your professional profile and track the reputation indicators. Prove your skills as a recruiter by specializing in one industry and have your talents follow your updates and job offers.

Increase the visibility of your profile and start interacting!


Make a match! The talents will be able to contact you with just one click and both will know the mutual interests, with the intention of starting to work as a team. That way, you will be able to guide him in his searching process. Conduct online interviews with your candidates from the platform through a Zoom integration. Complement your Headhunting process efectively with online practical and simple evaluations. In addition, candidates will be able to access your calendar to know your availability.

At Recruitme you have all the necessary tools to manage your recruitment processes.


We are convinced to optimize your time!

Simplify your processes


Digitize and automate all your selection processes. Through our Talent Acquisition tool you will be able to maintain the order and visibility of your work in a more intuitive way enhancing your productivity; interact with the talent, make the appropriate tracking in all the phases of the process sharing relevant and valuable content for them. Get more candidates and position them in companies quickly. We want you to focus on the most important thing: Communication with your candidate!

Reach your ideal candidates the easy way


Increase your scope and contact with the ideal talent through different channels. Candidates will be able to see your vacancies and contact you at any time. You will be able to publish the available offers and widen your search thanks to your Social Network integration.

We want your process to be much more dynamic and centralized! Use the E-mail marketing strategy and share the available vacancies with your contacts. Connect to job boards such as Indeed, Glassdoor or Google Jobs by using Recruitme and increase your opportunities to find the right person!

At Recruitme we completely

the recruitment experience!


A simple, practical and user-friendly platform.

You will be able to monitor the entire journey of your candidates with the tools provided by Recruitme

and have control of all your processes in a personalized way.


It’s the ideal opportunity to get more customers!


You will be able to apply for offers that companies will publish on our platform and bid competitively according to your skills and experience. You decide what you want to earn for each customer who chooses you. Support companies with their job recruitment and earn money!

We are the ideal ally for your Hunting processes

Recruitme assures you successful hiring with the best tools 

Join us!